Avid Microchip Pet Identification

Microchipping has become a very popular and safe way to permanently identify your pet and you as the owner in the unfortunate event your pet is lost. Microchipping involves placement of a small electronic chip the size and shape of a piece of rice just under the skin in the neck area. A needle is used to inject the chip. The injection is comparable to a regular vaccine injection.

If your pet becomes lost and is transported to an animal shelter, the shelter will be able to scan your pet for the chip and contact you. The scanner is similar to a scanner found in the grocery store.

ImageIn 1985, Dr. Stoddard invented the microchip based pet recovery system and formed American Veterinary Identification Devices (AVID). Avid's pioneering work in the field of radio frequency identification has been globally recognized by the award of 37 patents. Avid saves pet's lives every day by reuniting thousands of lost pet's with their families.

We recommend you to use the AVID system of identification as well as a collar identification system on your pet.

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