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Dog Tired Inn

Dog Tired InnGoing on vacation or leaving town? The Dog Tired Inn will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you're away.

Dog Tired Inn Luxury BoardingThe Dog Tired Inn offers both daycare and long term boarding for our guests. Our boarding area offers climate-controlled facilities to protect your pet from heat, humidity, and bugs. Every boarder receives one-on-one personal attention from our caring staff. Our large fenced yard gives your pet the opportunity for both exercise and human contact.

Dog Tired Inn Luxury BoardingWe provide separate boarding rooms for dogs, cats and birds to minimize stress. For dogs we offer luxury rooms, indoor conditioned runs or outdoor covered runs. Cats are housed indoors and have the option to stay in a townhouse or condo. Birds are kept in cages in a separate area away from larger animals. All rooms are climate-controlled and kept clean so your pet will be comfortable during his or her stay.

We offer pet boarding for animals recovering from surgery and for pets in need of specialized treatments when home care is unavailable. We feed any specialized or prescriptive diets that may be required as well as administer medications. Your pet is monitored by experienced professionals during the recovery process and you are kept abreast of your pet’s status by our staff.

Inform us if your pet needs a prescription diet so that we can assure it's availability.

In addition, we offer boarding for pets requiring special medical attention while you are away. Your pet is monitored under strict guidelines, given the attention you would expect from any hospital. Our veterinarians are skilled in caring for pets with chronic medical problems, such as diabetes or seizures. Contact us to discuss the medical boarding needs of your special pet.

All pets must have an updated, current vaccination record on file prior to acceptance. If your pet is not current, you may arrange for us to vaccinate your pet at the time of admission to our boarding facility. If you plan to board your pet with us, you can download our online boarding form, and fax or bring the form to the medical center.


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