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Hospitalized Patients

You can rest easy knowing your pet is receiving the highest quality care while being treated at Animal and Bird Veterinary Medical Center. Hospitalized patients receive 24 hour care and are examined and carefully monitored by our caring staff before and after any medical procedure. Our team of technicians and veterinarians strive to provide your pet with the same high-quality care we want for our own pets.

It's always best if you can call and give us a brief description of the problem. If it sounds like your pet has a contagious or infectious malady you will be directed to a separate entrance.

Communicating With Your Veterinarian

When your pet is admitted, the veterinarian in charge of your pet's care will usually let you know when to expect a phone call. To ensure good communication between you and our staff, please provide us with the latest contact information and your preferred method of contact where you can be reached. We recommend a single member of the family as a point of contact to ensure communication about your pet's condition is as clear and efficient as possible.

You may contact our staff for updates about your pet's health; however, veterinarians are not always available because they may be caring for another pet. Please understand that if you call during a patient emergency, our veterinarians and technicians may be unable to speak with you right away.

Visiting Your Pet

We recommend you call our staff before visiting your pet while he or she is recovering. Depending on your pet's medical condition he or she may be required to remain still or calm. For some pets, visits by their owners may unnecessarily excite them which can prolong the recovery process. In these circumstances, your pet's veterinarian may discourage visits. However, in other cases visits may be beneficial to your pet's recovery. Please respect our recommendations on visitations and limit your visits between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily.

Hospitalization & Patient Care

Your pet's recovery and length of stay may vary according to your veterinarian's recommendation. Based on your pet's medical condition he or she will be placed in a comfortable cage or kennel within our intensive care unit, isolation, or general medical ward.

All hospitalized patients receive food, water, and treatments according to the veterinarians instructions and the patients medical needs. We are staffed 7 days a week so that all necessary treatments can be administered as needed, around the clock.

Hospitalized patients are monitored when appropriate using Bionet BM3 machines. These state of the art monitors measure and display body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and the amount of oxygen reaching the body's tissue. These monitors are routinely used for anesthetized patients undergoing surgery, recovering patients, sedated patients and convalescing patients. These devices allow the veterinarians and staff to visualize in real time what is happening inside the patients body. The appropriate treatment can then be tailored to the individual patient.

Returing Home

The veterinarian or assigned staff will notify you when your pet can return home and if it will be necessary for you to schedule a discharge appointment. During your discharge appointment a veterinarian or technician will explain your pet's after-care instructions.This is just a placeholder


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